For travelers with pets



Create your personal account with Woof Club and share some information about your little furry friend.


Find pet-friendly accommodation

Find all pet-friendly accommodations available to your destination, review their pet policies and book the one most suitable to your needs.


Book extra services and products for your pet

You can have the best for your holiday! Once you complete your accommodation booking choose between premium services and products for your pet available at arrival.

What you earn with Woof Club

Access to concierge services

Vet insurance, pet pharmacy kit, pet-friendly tours and activities, dog treats, dog training services, pet grooming services and a full map with pet-friendly cafes and restaurants and pet-friendly beaches will be available at your destination!

Relaxed and safe holiday

Woof Club is your concierge service ensuring that whatever is you need while traveling with your pet will be provided to you!

Get rewarded

Bookings of concierge services via Woof Club are rewarded by special discounts to some of the best pet products of the market.

How it works - commercial