Kouros Village

Αντίπαρος, 840 07, Ελλάδα


Kouros Village is a family hotel working since 1995. Built in traditional Cycladic style and enhanced with modern architectural elements, Kouros Village is located right on the seashore in a quiet neighborhood at the end of the harbor of Antiparos. Its three buildings have a sea view and embrace the garden and the pool. Kouros Village welcomes travelers with pets and its hospitable staff will make you feel at home. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available a la carte and offer a variety of fresh and local products with an emphasis on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.

Pet policy

This hotel allows dogs of any size, cats and a maximum of one pet per booking; Other types of pets are not allowed. This hotel allows non-aggressive domestic pets; Pet owners must keep an updated pet health book at check-in; Pets should be leashed or restrained at all times in public spaces in the hotel or on the property; Pets are not allowed in food & beverage outlets of the hotel; The hotel is entitled to seek for the full recovery of non- adverse damages to its properties.


  • Air condition - Heating
  • Parking
  • TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Rooms with view
  • Dog bed
  • Breakfast

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