Travel to Pelion with your dog!


The Aegean Sea on the one side. The Gulf of Pagasitikos on the other side. A mythical mountain in the middle. Pelion, the summer residence of the gods and home of the Centaurs is the ideal pet-friendly destination in Greece for you and your dog all year round. A journey in Pelion is a journey in past times.

The villages close to Volos, in the northwestern part of Pelion are the most popular in the region. Portaria is the first village you will find going uphill from Volos. It is one of the most cosmopolitan villages, full of people all year round due to its proximity both to the ski resort and the sea. A little further up, Makrinitsa, having retained the traditional architecture, is one of the most enchanting destinations with restored mansions, romantic cobblestone paths and plane trees. Here you will find interesting cafés and art galleries that reveal the artistic temperament of the locals.

Farther south, at Milies, is the starting point of "Moutzouris", the famous train that connects the center of Volos with the western Pelion. During the winter that the train is not working it is a wonderful opportunity to take a walk with your dog along the lines and see the iron bridge of Ebaristo de Chirico – manufacturer of the railroad and father of the famous painter Giorgio De Chirico. The local legends state that near the bridge lies the cave of the Centaur Chiron, the teacher of Achilles and Asclepius. Don't forget, also, to visit the Church of Archangels, a typical example of the local traditional architecture. The temple was renovated in 1764 and is famous for its amazing acoustics due to inverted 48 jars hidden in the ceiling and the 5 underground wells that communicate with each other.

Continue your trip to Vyzitsa and enjoy the wonderful view of the Pagasitic Gulf. Vyzitsa is a typical landscape of Pelion with cobbled streets, traditional mansions and lush vegetation. It is one of the most famous and developed villages of Pelion. Ascended from the large alley toward the central square, take a stroll through the picturesque neighborhood of Argiireika and enjoy the stunning scenery. In Vyzitsa you will find exquisite traditional products like jams and handmade pasta.

On the eastern side of Pelion lies Zagora. The most populous village of Pelion is found in an amazing location with wonderful views to the sea and it is organized around the central square of Agios Georgios with its homonym church. In the central square you will also find the public library, founded in the late 18th century, with its rich and rare material. The area is full of fruit-bearing trees that provide the basic ingredients of the delicious local sweets, jams and homemade liqueurs.

Tsagarada is also located on the eastern side of Pelion. Chestnuts and sycamore trees embrace almost building in the sparsely inhabited village of Tsagarada. Enjoy your coffee in the central square of Agia Paraskevi, where the Great Plane counts almost a thousand year of life. Of particular interest are the historical attractions of the area, the Achillopoyleios Commercial School and the Nanopoyleios School. In the area there are two gorgeous narrow canyons, those of Fakistra and Mylopotamos, leading to the two equally beautiful, homonymous beaches.

Finally, the southern Pilion, from Milina to Trikeri, is a unique destination with its own distinct personality. Here the landscape is dominated by the green nature, the picturesque coastal settlements and the blue waters. A significant number of enchanting beaches that are hard to reach and can only be accessed by boat are awaiting you to discover them and enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

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