Travel to Karpenisi with your dog!


Some may argue that in Karpenisi, you will find a new Arachova. Don’t believe them! Although the city offers a vibrant nightlife, Euritania is famous for one thing. Nature. Amazing paths and a majestic scenery. According to a survey conducted by UNESCO, Euritania is the fifth area in the world and the first one in Europe in terms of environmental purity. The mountains and rivers of Karpenisi are ideal for hiking, climbing, skiing, rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and horseback riding.
Karpenisi was born during the late Ottoman era, constituting a prominent spiritual center of Greece. That was the time of its greatest prosperity. Today the town is full of life all year round. Take a walk around the square, visit the old church of the Holy Trinity and meet the town’s great history through its numerous monuments and statues. On the main street, you will find café, bars and grocery stores where you can buy local products. The region offers sausages, pies, trout, souflima and generally exquisite meat, which you can accompany with good local wine, raki or berry brandy.
Karpenisi lies at the feet of Mount Velouchi, on top of which you will find one of the largest and most impressive ski centers in Greece with 18 ski slopes, a snowboard track and 4 off-piste routes. Velouchi Ski Center is the most easily accessible ski resort across Greece as it is only ten kilometers away from the capital of Euritania.
A classic and beautiful path in the area is the one that leads to Proussos. It goes through the area of Potamia, along the river Karpenisiotis and between the mountains of Kaliakouda and Chelidona. One of the most picturesque traditional villages you will find here is Koryschades, with stone paths and well-preserved houses. In the square of Koryschades you will see the Church of Aghios Athanasios and the historical elementary school of 1901, which houses the Νational Resistance Museum. The Big Village is the most touristic village today, with two nice hiking paths and a folklore museum
Arriving in Proussos, you will encounter the great sanctuary of Virgin Mary. Thousands of believers flock all year round to kneel before the miraculous icon, which is considered to have arrived in Euritania from the Bursa of Asia minor by itself. On the way, indeed, you can see the footprints that are said to have been left on the rock after its passage. 
Nearby is the breathtaking canyon Pantabrechi, a magical place with lakes, waterfalls, caves, dense vegetation and steep cliffs. Hiking here is an amazing experience. The most beautiful paths are those found in Tornos, as the local communities make a serious effort to enhance their wonderful land. Good signage, special maps and an incredible landscape await you.

Karpenisi is an ideal destination for you and your dog. Book today your dog-friendly trip to Karpenisi with Woof Club!