Travel to Arcadia with your dog!


In the heart of the Peloponnese, Arcadia is an ideal destination for short run with your four-legged friend. Since antiquity, the Arcadian area was synonymous with Utopia, a symbol of idyllic rural life and home of the god Pan. Mountains, trees, stone villages, canyons and crystal-clear waters create a magical setting for endless walks with your dog.

The liveliest village of Arcadia and one of the most popular destinations for winter sports and excursions is Vytina. Here you will find taverns, cafes, bars and shops with local products, mainly dairy, herbs, pasta and honey. Get your dog and take a walk on the Street of Love, one of the most popular places for walking. In Vytina, you will also find the historic Monastery of Kernitsa, one of the oldest monasteries in the area. Strategically positioned, Vytina combines easy access to Ostrakina ski resort, but also to the villages of Mainalo and Gortynia, such as Stemnitsa, Dimitsana and Lagadia.

Each of these villages has its own long history. One of the prettiest is Dimitsana. Here you will find impressive monasteries, the historical library, with its rare editions, as well as the small ecclesiastical Museum which is housed in the renovated house of Patriarch Grigorios V. Just outside the village, the Open-Air Water-Power Museum takes you to pre-industrial technology of the region, while you take a beautiful walk in the nature, following the flow of the water from the mill to the tannery. After here, continue your hike in the Lousios’ Canyon, one of the major attractions of Arcadia. Today the canyon has been declared as an archaeological site. It’s rich in flora and fauna that coexist in harmony. The trails, via the renewed pathways, lead to Ancient Gortyna, close to the village of Elliniko, which completes the sightseeing of your hike. You can visit the monasteries and the Kryfo Sholio, the Secret School that used to teach the Greek children during the Ottoman Rule. The Lousios River, which flows through the canyon, is ideal for rafting.

In Stemnitsa you will admire the Tower of Roilos, the Folklore Museum of Stemnitsa, with representations of traditional houses and workshops, as well as churches of the 12th and 15th century. In Karytaina you will be impressed by its castle, also known as "Toledo of Greece", one of the most important castles of the Peloponnese, built in the 13th century. If you love traditional architecture don’t miss to visit Lagadia, where you will find the Manor of Delighianaioi, one of the most historic families in the region. You can also enjoy wonderful walks in Zatouna, where there is a museum dedicated to the composer Mikis Theodorakis, who spent here a year in exile, while in Limpovissi you will find the house of Theodore Kolokotronis that operates as a museum about his life and action.

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