About Woof Club

About us

In Woof Club we redefine the pet-friendly standards in hospitality enabling travelers with pets to explore the world together with their furry friends.

Holiday with our dogs

Time for holiday with friends, furry friends included! Each season we deal with the same questions. Will we find a reliably pet-friendly accommodation in Greece? Will we find a reliably pet-friendly café and restaurant at our destination? Will we be able to enjoy a pet-friendly beach?

We created Woof Club for pet-owners like us!

For passionate travelers that enjoying exploring the world with their dog and creating some of their best memories. More than that, we dreamed of pet-friendly accommodation businesses and we designed Woof Club to serve as the expert consultant to them establishing the pet-friendly standards in hospitality.

Our mission

In Woof Club we introduce pet-friendly innovation to the Greek tourism industry and we guarantee a win-win relationship between pet-friendly businesses and travelers with pets.